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Sacred Bear Newsletter

Fetish Meanings


Armadillo is the keeper of the home. He is slow-moving and sure and makes sure he gets things done correctly. Armadillo represents variety in one's inner life; he is thick-skinned and reserved.


Associated with the South...the badger dominates the activities of husbandry and agriculture...relatively small but fierce and tenacious and has been known prevail over animals far larger...as such they can be counted on in tight situations to display boldness and perseverance... Badger represents passion and persistence. He will not give up until he has reached a desired goal. Living close to the ground, he has great knowledge of the earth.


Bat is the guardian of the night.


Guardian of the West...the bear is associated with great strength, power, healing and self-knowledge.  He is the great protector...the "sacred bear".  He is a spiritual guide and also carries within him supernatural powers. Bear is a powerful healing fetish. All bear fetishes are powerful but the white bear is the most powerful medicine bear.


Beaver is industrious and diligent. He represents achievement and hard work. Beaver promotes family unity.

Bobcat or Lynx or Wildcat

Prey God of the South...elusive and intelligent, a solitary and independent hunter...believed to be helpful when hunting antelope because of a special predator/prey relationship... Bobcat is thought of as the older brother to wolf and the younger brother of mountain lion. Bobcat is the hunting animal of the South and is used by the Zuni when hunting antelope. Bobcat also represents clairvoyance and is a secret keeper.


Buffalo represents prophesy and fulfillment of powers. Buffalo also represents a steadfast endurance to rise above one's weaknesses.

Buffalo Help Heal the Spirit

The Buffalo Are Coming

"Buffalo Nation, The People are depending upon you,
so we pray you will be healthy."

           "Ha ti wa-ka i ta-ra-ha ha re ra
             Ku-ra ra wa-ku-e-ru ta-ra-ha
             Re ra ta-ra-ha re ra ta-ra-ha
             Re ra ta-ra-ha a re ra ra u-ra
             We ri-ku sa ta-ra'-ha ha re ra
             Ta-ra-ha re ra ta-ra-ha re ra
             Ta-ra-ha a re ra"

"Listen, he said, yonder the buffalo are coming,
These are his sayings, yonder the buffalo are coming
They walk, they stand, they are coming,
Yonder the buffalo are coming."

Lakota Song-


Butterfly represents beauty and transformation. Butterfly also represents rebirth.

Corn Maiden

Corn Maiden represents strength, creation, and wisdom.


Hunter God of the West...the coyote is respected for his knowledge and survival skills if not for his actions...the master trickster who often tricks himself. He represents humor and the ability to laugh at one's own mistakes.


Crow is the keeper of the sacred law.


Deer represents grace and gratitude. Deer is gentle and has the ability to sacrifice for the greater good. He also represents agility and speed.


Dog represents a true friend and is very loyal.


Dolphin represents the spirit of trust and friendship. He is very loyal.


Duck represents the spirits of those who have passed on.


Eagle is the guardian fetish of the Upper region. Eagle carries the power of intuition and creativeness, along with the powers of healing and spirit. His spirit transcends personal problems and he symbolizes becoming one with the Greater Spirit. He represents vision and higher truths.


Elk represents the ability to pace oneself and gain increasing stamina. He represents confidence and power.


Falcon represents power and harmony. He is intuitive and has the ability to see the big picture.


Fish represents the ability to hide one's emotions. Fish is a purifier.


Fox is clever and observant. He has the ability to blend in with his surroundings and is very loyal to loved ones.


Frogs are associated with water and rain. He asks the spirits to bring abundant rain. Frog is also the fertility fetish. Women often keep a frog fetish by their bed when hoping to become pregnant. Frogs and tadpoles represent the cycle of life.


Hawk is the messenger of the gods. He represents energy and inspiration.

Horned Lizard

Horned Lizard represents longevity and self-reliance.


Horse represents partnerships and strength. He also represents power and expanding one's abilities. Horse has innate healing powers.


Hummingbird is a messenger and represents the ability to stop time. He also represents joy and beauty.


Lizard represents patience and wisdom. He also represents conversation and agility.


Hunter God of the lower regions...protects crops from disease at their roots...destroys mice, rats and other small animals that threaten the harvest... He represents awareness and grounding and has the ability to look inward.


Moose is headstrong and represents longevity.

Mountain Lion

"Directional Guardian and prey god of the North...The mountain lion spirit is associated with personal power and resourcefulness, independence, leadership, spiritual intensity, intuition, fierce protectiveness and loyalty." Mountain lion is carried by travelers to protect them on their journey and also carried by hunters to help ensure a successful hunt.


Mouse represents attention to detail.


The opossum is a strategist.


Otter is playful and represents laughter and curiosity. He represents the balanced female side.


Owl is the protector of the home. He represents wisdom and truth and has the ability to see what others cannot.


Parrot is symbolic of the sun. Like a rainbow, he is made with rain, sun, and light.


Porcupine represents the power of faith and trust.


Quail represents holiness and the sacred spirit.


Rabbit represents gentleness, charm, and awareness of others. Rabbit is the special guardian of women in childbirth and is associated with safe childbirth and a long life for children. He also represents virtue and serenity.


Raccoon is shy and resourceful.


Ram is used to help increase the herds.


Raven is clever and represents magic and transformation. He is a messenger of great mystery and represents a change in consciousness. He helps guide us through the darkest of times.


Skunk represents inner strength, self-respect, and a good reputation.


Snake represents primitive energy and helps us connect with greater powers. He symbolizes life, death, and rebirth. He is believed to have curative powers and is also associated with lightning. Snake is very important in Zuni ceremonies.


Spider represents the creative patterns of life.


Squirrel represents the ability to plan ahead and is very industrious. He represents natural intelligence and the protector of reserves.


Turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth. He represents self-reliance, tenacity, and longevity.


Wolf is Guardian and Prey God of the East...because of its pack behavior, the wolf spirit represents not just successful hunting, but also the ability to work together for the good of the group...these fetishes given to newlyweds, invoke in that couple the strong family bond exemplified in wolf pairs......Wolf represents loyalty and family values. A pair of wolves is often carved together, representing the wolf's characteristic of mating for life. Wolf is a teacher, pathfinder, and represents a sharing of knowledge. He teaches us inner guidance and clarity.

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